FAQs About Personal Injury

Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers understand the ins and outs of personal injury cases. However, it is common for individuals to not understand personal injury cases until they are in one themselves. There are also many misconceptions that surround personal injury cases. Our team at the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez can help answer your questions and clear up confusion about personal injury cases.
What Happens After an Accident?
If you find yourself in a personal injury accident, it is important that you take photos of your injuries and any other significant aspects of the accident. You should also visit a doctor if need be. Write down a narrative of what happened while it is still fresh in your head and make a list of witnesses with their contact information. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyer can ensure you have all of the necessary documents before filing.
What If I’m Partially at Fault?
It can be intimidating to file a personal injury claim if you were partially at fault. The jury will help decide how fault is split amongst people in the case. As long as you are not responsible for majority of the blame, you may still be entitled to compensation.
How Long do Cases Take?
The answer to this question is dependent on the specifics of your case. Some cases may take as little as a few weeks while other cases may take over a year. If your case is more complicated, it may take more time to settle.

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Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Driving a truck is much different from driving a standard vehicle, and it takes some getting used to. In fact, Time magazine ranked truck driving number 8 on the 2014 list of the “10 Most Dangerous Jobs.” Not only can it be dangerous to the truck driver, but to other vehicles on the road as well. To avoid truck accidents in San Antonio, TX, keep these tips in mind.

Check Your Blind Spots>
Truck drivers have especially large blind spots compared to other cars. If you’re a truck driver, make sure to give other cars time to get out of your way after you put your blinker on. There are “no zones” that are where most crashes are to happen. These zones are located right behind the side mirror, right behind the truck and to the side right in front of the cab.
Watch Your Speed
It’s important to reduce your speed both in work zones as well as when you are turning. You may even find yourself needing to go slower than the speed limit at times just to make sure you account for the dimension of your truck. You should especially reduce your speed when you are getting off of the freeway.
Watch for Bad Weather
Did you know that bad weather causes roughly one-fourth of all speeding-related truck accidents? When the roads are wet, make sure you cut down your speed by at least one-third.

If you find yourself in a truck accident in San Antonio, TX, make sure to contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez.

3 Common Personal Injury Cases

From slip-and-fall accidents to dog bites to medical malpractice, there is a wide variety of personal injury cases from which you can suffer. Personal injury cases revolve around an injured plaintiff seeking compensation due to the negligence of another party. However, it is important to note that just because you were injured does not mean you are automatically entitled to compensation. The following are three common personal injury cases that are best handled by a professional like our San Antonio personal injury lawyer.

Medical Malpractice

Relying on the medical world to properly take care of yourself or a loved one can be intimidating. If you feel a doctor or another health care professional has not provided reasonable care, resulting in an injury or even death, you may be entitled to compensation.
Slip and Fall Cases
Our San Antonio personal injury lawyer often deals with slip and fall cases. Property owners are responsible for keeping the premises of their land safe so that those who are on their property do not become injured. Slip and fall lawsuits depend on the premises liability laws in place, something that our team can help you navigate.
Assault or Battery
Assault and battery are examples of intentional harm completed by a party with intent. Assault and battery cases add another facet to the case: criminality. This results in additional charges against the guilty party.

Have you or a loved one recently suffered from a personal injury? Don’t hesitate to call the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez to explore your legal options.

Signs You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

Car accidents happen more often than they should. Factors like poor weather conditions, distracted drivers, inherent car problems, drunk driving, speeding and reckless driving all play a part in causing car accidents every year. If you have recently been in a car accident, you might benefit from hiring a car accident lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. If any of the following circumstances apply to you, please call our team at the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez!

You Are Seriously Injured
Car accidents can be extremely damaging and even fatal. Whenever someone gets seriously injured in a car accident, it is always best to consult a lawyer to see if you are eligible for the compensation that you deserve. The sooner you reach out to our team after an accident, the better.
You Need to Collect Evidence
Collecting evidence regarding your car accident is a crucial step in proving liability and ultimately achieving a positive outcome for your case. Jesse Hernandez is one of the top car accident lawyers in San Antonio, Texas and he can help you navigate this sometimes-difficult process. Keep in mind that some types of evidence can only be obtained by an attorney.
You Haven’t Received a Settlement Offer
If your insurance company hasn’t yet offered you a settlement witch which you are happy, this is a clear sign that you should turn to a professional. Our team can help you negotiate your settlement and help you achieve the ideal end result.

When in doubt, seek professional help after a car accident. Buckle up and drive safely on the roads!