San Antonio car accident lawyerIf you or a loved one were seriously injured, a San Antonio car accident lawyer can help you recover compensation and get vital medical care. We understand the emotional and financial challenges you face after an accident. Our experienced legal team is ready to help you navigate the complex insurance claim process as well as file any necessary litigation.

Your Rights After a Car Accident

After a serious car accident, your first concern should be your physical health — seek necessary medical treatment immediately. Next, it is important to file an insurance claim with the relevant insurance companies. (You may have claims with both your car insurer and the negligent driver’s insurance company.)

If your claim is approved, the insurance company should cover your:

  • Medical and hospital bills related to the accident,
  • Vehicle repairs,
  • Lost wages, and
  • Reimbursement for attendant care (if necessary).

Additionally, if someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver. In a car accident lawsuit, you can also demand compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, or loss of companionship.

Types of Car Accident Claims in Texas

Different states treat car accidents and motor vehicle insurance differently. (Your legal rights may vary, depending on whether you are injured in a “no-fault” or “fault” state.) Texas is a fault state. This means that if you cause a car accident, you (and your insurance company) must cover both your injuries and the injuries anyone else suffers during the accident. (Texas drivers must carry at least a minimum level of motor vehicle insurance.)

In addition to car accidents, you may also have a negligence or personal injury claim if you were involved in another type of motor vehicle accident. Texas law permits personal injury claims related to:

  • Bus accidents,
  • Car accidents,
  • Car vs. bicycle accidents,
  • Auto vs. pedestrian accidents,
  • Dram shop and social liability claims,
  • Drunk driving,
  • Hit and run accidents,
  • Motorcycle accidents,
  • Product liability (for defectively manufactured vehicles and parts),
  • Rear-end collisions,
  • SUV and CUV rollovers,
  • T-bone collisions,
  • Truck accidents, and
  • Uninsured and uninsured drivers.

Different claims involve different claims processes. Therefore, make sure you understand the requirements involved in your personal injury claim. If you do not follow the correct process and meet Texas’ legal filing deadlines, you may lose your right to valuable benefits and compensation. Since many car accident lawsuits involve a two-year statute of limitations, it’s important that you act quickly.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and the strength of your claim. Depending on the nature of your injuries and the accident, you may have multiple claims (including workers’ compensation, product liability, and a claim against the other driver). We will ensure that your case is handled properly.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind when they evaluate car accident claims. They are for-profit companies and are interested in cutting costs and minimizing their expenses. If the insurance company offers you a settlement, do not assume that it is a fair and full offer. You can (and should) negotiate with them.

However, your San Antonio car accident lawyer can help you:

  • Evaluate your claim and understand your rights,
  • Collect medical and other evidence (including police reports and witness statements) that support your claims,
  • Calculate and maximize your damages,
  • Negotiate with the insurance company, and
  • File lawsuits against the negligent driver and other parties.

We also give our clients peace of mind and respect (important things when you are healing from traumatic injuries).

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