DWI Misconceptions

Roughly 10 percent of all highway fatalities are caused by drunk drivers. While DWIs are something everyone should avoid, it’s important to spot the myths from the facts when discussing them. Our DWI attorney in San Antonio.

Myth: One drink can greatly increase your likelihood of being in a car accident.

Fact: Drivers with low blood alcohol content are no more likely to be in a car accident than those who have had nothing to drink at all.

Myth: BAC is a good indicator of if you are an impaired driver.

Fact: Did you know that people who regularly consume alcohol are less impaired at a given BAC? If you drink infrequently, that’s when BAC will indicate the impairment.

Myth: Breathalyzers are a reliable and consistent indicator of BAC and therefore driver impairment.

Fact: Breath alcohol content is inconsistent as a measure of BAC from person to person depending on the specific situation. Actual impairment levels vary between individuals and are affected by the factors at that exact moment.

Myth: Lowering the legal BAC limit for a DWI will help remove any “drunk drivers.”

Fact: People who have a BAC of .1 or .08 are not necessarily “drunks.” They shouldn’t be targeted for DWI enforcement as the average DWI violator is arrested with a BAC of .15 to .17. No matter what the low legal BAC limit is, many people who are arrested have a BAC of at least .15.


If you recently received a DWI, contact the DWI attorney in San Antonio to make sure you are fairly represented.

First Steps To Take If Charged With Murder

If you are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and you’re charged with murder, this experience will be nothing short of frightening and overwhelming. Let our criminal defense attorney in San Antonio TX help you through this difficult and trying process.

Remember Your Rights

As the Miranda Rights state, “You have the right to remain silent.” The police must provide you with the Fifth Amendment, meaning you have the right to remain silent to avoid any incrimination against you while you’re in custody.  This right allows you to refuse to answer any questions that a law enforcement officer asks you until your lawyer arrives.

Stay Composed

Try to remain calm and polite while in custody and waiting. If you are panicked or too aggressive while being arrested, the authorities will match your tone. If you are composed while in custody—even if you feel your rights are violated—you may be able to avoid additional charges.

Contact Us Immediately

You must contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible as this is one of the more crucial steps in order to be able to defend yourself. Prosecutors put you at a disadvantage due to their extensive knowledge of legal technicalities and statutes, and may be able to get a false confession or plea bargain out of you. Our criminal defense attorney in San Antonio TX will help you avoid mistakes and make sure you understand and exercise your rights. Don’t go through this situation alone, contact us today for more information.