How to Get Criminal Charges Dismissed

When you’re facing a criminal charge, you may feel hopeless in beating it. You may think that the odds are against you and there’s no way to prove your innocence or that you shouldn’t face strict penalties. However, there are many ways you can fight your case to prove why you shouldn’t be hit with severe consequences or why you’re innocent.

Following are some common defense strategies that can be used in a criminal case to prove your innocence.

Unlawful Behaviors by Arresting Officer

It’s possible that your arresting officer commits unlawful actions – accidentally or on purpose. Police must follow many rules when making arrests, and if they don’t follow those rules or do something against the typical process, it may work in your favor.

These mistakes may cause some evidence to be discarded or the charges can be dropped completely. Illegal proceedings or crucially missed legal steps will all be considered in your case.

Lack of a Reasonable Doubt

In order for you to be charged for your crime, the prosecutor must prove what’s known as “reasonable doubt,” which is evidence that shows you committed a crime without any doubt that you were the one who committed it. Even if there is evidence that works against you, there still must be reasonable doubt present in order for you to receive a guilty verdict. 

Mitigating Factors

There are lots of little factors within a case that can affect your conviction, penalties, and future. For example, if it was a crime of passion or you argue that you suffer severe mental issues that impact your actions, you may be subject to less prison time. If you have no other significant crimes on your criminal record and this is your first offense, there will also most likely be more leniency with your ruling.

The criminal offense being committed on accident is another example of a mitigating factor.


Self-defense is a commonly used, effective mitigation factor when fighting against crimes, especially violent crimes. If you can prove that your violence towards or killing of another person was necessary in order to protect yourself, then you can beat a violent charge. Proving that an act of violence was done out of self-defense is known as justification, or justifiable homocide if a murder is involved.

Working With the Right Attorney

The legal system is complex and beating a charge can be extremely difficult. The best way you can secure your freedoms and increase your chances of walking free is by hiring a skilled attorney at a trustworthy law firm.

The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez has had countless success stories in getting individuals just like you acquitted from their charges. Our criminal law attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and power necessary in order to help you beat your case.

If you’re facing a criminal charge and don’t know where to turn, call our San Antonio criminal lawyers for a free consultation at 210-807-8656.

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