SA Texas Foodies: Discovering San Antonio’s Culinary Scene

The SA Texas Foodies, Lucas and Cherise Moreno are popular food content creators based in San Antonio. They operate a social media account under the name “SA Texas Foodies” and have been sharing their food experiences in the city for the past four to five years.

Over time, they have become one of the most prominent food content creators in the area, and many people recognize them for their work and appreciate their recommendations.

When it comes to finding new places to try, the SA Texas Foodies rely on a variety of sources. They take suggestions from people, receive messages from restaurants, and make their own discoveries. Both Lucas and Cherise have become more adventurous in trying new and exotic foods, and they have been pleasantly surprised by some of the dishes they have tried.

The Origin of the Name ‘SA Texas Foodies’

Cherise explained, “The name is a simple representation of our location, San Antonio, and our passion for food. We thought it would be easy for anyone searching for food content in San Antonio to find us, and it seemed like the perfect fit for us.”

From Restaurant-Goers to Social Media Stars:

They said they have been active on social media as Texas Foodies for four or five years since they got married. Unlike most creators who started during the pandemic, they began before the pandemic.

Lucas explained that their journey as Texas Foodies on social media started with their frequent restaurant visits, where he would take Cherise to her favorite places in San Antonio. His family resides in Houston, and whenever they came to visit, he would bring them to different restaurants in the city.

As they continued their food adventures, Lucas realized that the best way to document and share their experiences was through social media. People began showing interest in their posts, which led them to the idea of becoming Texas Foodies on social media.

Recognition as a San Antonio food content creator

They mentioned that although it doesn’t happen often, they have been recognized as San Antonio food content creators, even in unexpected places like the HEB grocery store.

Cherise shared that she gets nervous sometimes and wonders how long they’ve been staring at her before realizing who she is, but she also finds it funny.

Lucas shared a personal encounter he had with a girl who followed them and approached him, stuttering due to her speech impediment. He talked with her for about 10-15 minutes, and she shared all the coffee places she liked. One of the restaurant employees thanked him for talking with her, which he thought was cool. As a people person, he doesn’t mind when people come up to him, and he was glad to give her the attention she appreciated.

SASA Texas Foodies
Lucas and Cherise Moreno- SA Texas Foodies

Despite being one of the most popular food content creators in the city, they do not get recognized regularly. However, when people do recognize them, it is usually a pleasant experience where they receive compliments for their restaurant recommendations and how they have helped people discover new dining experiences.

While they do not get many selfie requests, people frequently thank them for their reviews and express gratitude for encouraging them to explore the city and try new restaurants outside their usual go-to places. Cherise and Lucas, being transplants to San Antonio themselves, started the account with the intention of inspiring others to broaden their culinary horizons in the city.

The decision to try new places in their videos?

Sometimes, Cherise and Lucas discover new places by chance while driving around, and other times people suggest places for them to try.

They take all these suggestions into consideration and choose the ones that interest them the most to try and review. In addition, restaurants sometimes reach out to them directly through direct messages to request a visit.

Cherise shared an example of a Ukrainian restaurant that was struggling to get the word out about its food truck serving Ukrainian cuisine. They contacted Texas Foodies to request a visit and review, and as a result, they sold out of their food. Many people tried it and liked it, with some even becoming repeat customers. Cherise and Lucas feel grateful to be able to have a positive impact on a business.

Exploring the Best Eats in San Antonio and Austin with Texas Foodies

Lucas and Cherise are Texas Foodies who love to try new and exotic foods. Initially, Lucas grew up eating more meat, but Cherise enjoys plant-based and healthier foods. However, since they started exploring food, Lucas has become more open to trying new and vegan foods.

They had an unforgettable experience at Picasso in Las Vegas, where they tasted a pigeon that Lucas described as having a duck-like flavor. Although he sometimes jokes about pigeons being dinner, he’s willing to try just about anything.

More recently, they visited Ladino in the Pearl area, where the chef’s choice menu included leaks in olive oil. Cherise was pleasantly surprised by the dish, saying that although the leaks didn’t look visually appealing, they were delicious. She described the texture as perfect and the taste as creamy and buttery.

Another interesting experience was at chef Jaime’s restaurant, where Lucas tried cricket tacos and a salad with crickets. He previously tried barbecue-flavored crickets at Jefferson Bodega and enjoyed the taste. Although he’s never had crickets on a taco before, he’s eager to try it.

Number of San Antonio Restaurants Tried by Texas Foodies

“We have tried over a hundred,” they said. “It’s been a lot, and we don’t know the exact number.”

Their favorite drink

Lucas said, “Cherise is a big coffee drinker, and her favorite coffee place is Cafe Vale. The reason we go back there is because of their hot chocolate with cream. It always comes out hot and tastes great. She is attempting to get the recipe from the cafe but has been unsuccessful so far. Her goal for 2023 is to try and recreate it.”

Difficulties with outdated hours and tracking food trucks.

When asked if it is common for them to encounter a lack of updated hours or clear directions when visiting restaurants or food trucks, they replied in the affirmative.

They often come across outdated information and have difficulty tracking down food trucks that frequently move. If they arrive at a closed food truck, they acknowledge that they have missed the opportunity and choose to explore other restaurants instead of rescheduling for that day.

Preferred Cuisine Choices of Texas Foodies

The Texas Foodies said that they find it hard to choose just one preferred type of cuisine, but if they had to, they would say Mexican or Chinese. In Mexican cuisine, they prefer TexMex because it’s what they grew up with.

They also mentioned that Mexican cuisine could vary greatly depending on the region, with each state having its own unique flavors and styles.

They cited examples such as New Mexico with green chilies, Arizona with spicy flavors, and even Mexico with its own unique tacos. Although Austin has its own Taco Awards, it still doesn’t compare to other regions in terms of variety.

Favorite places in Austin

They enjoy visiting various places with their family in Austin, such as Torchy’s Tacos. In addition, they like Conan’s Pizza for its Chicago-style thin crust, Round Rock Donuts, and 85 Bakery.

While tacos are a staple, they also appreciate the diverse selection of sweets and other types of food that Austin has to offer.

Best sweets in San Antonio

They said that the Culture Bakery and Coffee has a circular croissant that is very popular, with a circle inside filled with chocolate or pistachio cream. They highly recommend the Culture Bakery and Coffee as a great place for sweets.

Experiences as SA Texas Foodies

Awkward or bad interactions

Cherise and Lucas recalled an experience at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls where they brought their camera and lighting equipment to take photos of the food. However, everyone in the cafe stared at them, making them feel like the center of attention and uncomfortable. Despite feeling awkward, they proceeded to take photos.

In another instance, at a cafe in Dallas, the staff assumed they were influencers due to their camera setup and kept looking at them.

Cherise and Lucas shared that these experiences were new to them, especially since they were from San Antonio and not used to being in the spotlight while reviewing food.

Restaurants and Filming

Cherise and Lucas believe that some restaurants are more welcoming than others when it comes to filming and influencer activities.

Lucas mentioned that restaurant owners are typically excited to have them there to promote their business, but sometimes servers may roll their eyes or get annoyed by their presence.

Setup for the videos

Cherise and Lucas use a Canon camera and two large, bright lights for their food review videos. They also sometimes use cell phones for filming. Their production setup is noticeable from a distance due to the size and brightness of the equipment.

Cherise finds it cool that people recognize them while filming and ask for recommendations on places to go. Recently, they had a visitor in San Antonio ask for suggestions, and they were happy to assist.

Getting Asked for Restaurant Recommendations

Yes, they are frequently asked for recommendations on where to go for a good meal or date night spot.

Lucas shared an anecdote about an amusing incident when they were out with their nieces, and the younger niece hand-slapped the older one because they were used to eating the food, but Cherise and Lucas had to take some pictures and videos first.

Their family is accustomed to this as they often have to delay eating until they capture some footage.

Approach to trying new restaurants

When trying a new restaurant, Cherise and Lucas usually order a mix of dishes and ask for recommendations. They typically order several appetizers, entrees, and desserts to get a taste of everything.

However, they do not want to badmouth any restaurant because they understand the hard work that goes into running one. They highlight the standout dish, usually a dessert, and recommend it to their viewers.

Frequency of restaurant disappointments during food reviews

Cherise said that it’s more common than one might think. There’s always a dish that doesn’t turn out great, and it’s sad because the food is expensive.

If you’re ordering a $25 plate and it’s just okay, it’s not worth hyping up. You don’t want to disappoint someone by recommending a dish that’s not really great.

SA Texas Foodies’ Favorite Experience in the Last 5 Years

Cherise shared that her favorite experience as a SA Texas Foodies has been the opportunity to be part of the foodie community and meet new people. She mentioned that due to her full-time work, she rarely gets to make new friends, and being part of the foodie community has allowed her to connect with kind people and enjoy eating and socializing with them.

Lucas, on the other hand, said that being a foodie has broadened his palate and exposed him to different types of cuisine from all around the world. He mentioned an amazing experience they had at an Ethiopian restaurant, where the owner, an immigrant, made them a flatbread with meats and vegetables. However, he also pointed out that as a foodie, you often end up eating cold food, which is something that comes with being part of this field.

Lastly, they added that they find it rewarding to help small businesses grow and enjoy being able to make a positive impact in their community.

Plans for the future

The Texas Foodies have plans to expand their channel in several ways. They aim to start a podcast, create more visually appealing content on YouTube, and offer social media support to businesses. Their ultimate goal is to help promote businesses by improving their social media presence.

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