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A criminal defense lawyer holds an extremely important role. During the course of a criminal case, they defend their client and act as the decision-maker, backbone, and leader. They speak on behalf of the client and fulfill many important responsibilities. Following are some of the ways that criminal attorneys may be involved in an individual’s case.x`

Interview and Investigation

When a lawyer takes on a criminal case, they will first meet with the client to learn everything from their perspective of the situation. They will ask about all the details with careful and thoughtful questioning in order to identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of the case.

In addition to asking the defendant questions, they’ll also investigate the case further to see if there is any chance of getting the defendant acquitted. They’ll question various parties such as the police, witnesses, alibis, and anyone else who may have information or evidence that can help the defendant. They may also interview an expert witness about their testimony or even provide evidence that’ll be used in the case.

Analysis of Evidence

The facts and evidence are some of the most vital components of a case, which is why the lawyer will spend a good amount of time analyzing and interpreting evidence. They may get specific evidence tested, study more facts and ideas that haven’t been discovered yet, and do everything in their power to discover possible defenses for the defendant based on the evidence. Their goal is to prove legal theories that could work against the conviction of their client to prove their innocence.

Remain in Constant Communication

Throughout the entire process from start to finish, the lawyer stays in contact with their client. They explain every step, every new development, every possible consequence, and answer any and all questions. It’s also important to note that all conversations between the client and lawyer are always kept confidential.

Plea Bargaining and Trial

The criminal defense lawyer will keep their client constantly updated on the status of their case as well as negotiate plea bargains throughout if necessary. They will help their defendant get the best possible plea bargain if applicable, as well as help them weigh the pros and cons of each decision. They are in charge of explaining all possible consequences and outcomes of each action and wil help their client make the most sound decision for their situation.

The lawyer plays a large role in the trial itself – they are present in court, fighting for their client, examining and cross-examining witnesses, and doing everything in their power to show the jury how their client is innocent based on the proof.


If a client is sentenced either through being found guilty or due to a plea bargain, the lawyer will still represent their client during sentencing. They can discuss options that can help convince the jury to shorten the sentence or offer possible alternatives to incarceration.

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