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When an individual is charged with the sale of a controlled dangerous substance, it is assumed that they are part of a larger drug economy and pose a significant threat to the community. The state of Texas takes these accusations seriously and if a conviction is reached, the accused can be exposed to significant criminal penalties.

At The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez, clients benefit from the unparalleled legal experience of our San Antonio drug defense attorney. Attorney Hernandez is a former public defender who has navigated hundreds of criminal cases on behalf of the accused. In each instance, he has ensured that their rights were protected and that their voices were heard before the law.

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Understanding The Charges Against You

The drug sale laws in Texas are complex and written to address a number of different circumstances. One of the most important factors when determining the seriousness of a drug sale crime is the type of substance involved. In Texas, the Texas Health & Safety Code classifies drugs into different “penalty groups” based on the danger they pose to the public and their addictive quality.

The Texas controlled substance penalty groups include:

  • Penalty group 1: Heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine
  • Penalty group 1a: LSD
  • Penalty group 2: PCP, mescaline, ecstasy
  • Penalty group 3: Hydrocodone, Valium, Ritalin, Xanax
  • Penalty group 4: Buprenorphine, morphine, Motofen

Other critical factors in determining the seriousness of a drug sale charge include the amount of the controlled substance involved and if there were any aggravating factors present (such as a sale in the presence of a minor). To learn more about your drug sale charge, what penalties you could be facing, and what our firm can do to aggressively combat the allegations against you, contact our firm today.

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